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Are you a retro blogger or podcaster and want to join us for our epic scary crossover topic? Let us know if you want to share your thoughts on the first movie that really scared you. Our only rule is the movie had to be made before the year 2000 and the rest is on you to scare us with that memory. If you want to take part on this October ghoulish topic than reach out to us via our contact page on this website before Oct 7th, 2017. 

Banzai Retro Club

Banzai Retro Club is a group of people that create or produce retro themed social media content that showcases our love of the years before 2000. Our goal is to unite retro contributors and fans through collaboration on awesome content. Come back to this spot frequently to see what we are working on next for you.  

Join us on Twitter @BanzaiRetroClub to see what is coming up next and share your memories and comment on our shared content.