(Top 5) Favorite Happy Meal Toys

(Top 5) Favorite Happy Meal Toys

by Dave

Our good friend Mickey over Retro Ramblings is running with this kick ass concept about top 5 things to post about weekly and I just wanted to be a part of it. 


Here is our second entry ... Top 5 Favorite Happy Meal Toys

Here is the deal folks, I was born in the year 1970 and Happy Meal toys didn't really become a thing until 1979. So that means I really was getting out of my "gotta have it Mom" phase by the time these hit their height in popularity in the 1980's. However, there were many of these that I appreciated but didn't collect as I needed  more substantial meals which would cause a whole other set of problems throughout the years but do you really need to read another "I was a fat kid" blog entry?

Let's start with Stompers, I did have a few of these little trucks outside of the benefit of McDonalds and loved to take them "off roading" in my neighbors yard. Just wish those batteries lasted longer in them.


Mac Tonight makes my fave list because they just look cool. It was a fun commercial concept that Mickey D's attempted to be a place to come chill out, even though the whole restaurant concept is "fast", as in fast food. 


Having nerdy geeky tendencies I have to show some love to the Marvel iconic character Spider-Man. Dock Ock is my fave in Spidey's rogue gallery, so I am happy to see him representing here. Did Spidey and Venom really need crawling cars? 


Anyone that knows me or has listened to past podcasts will know I am Team Batman all the way. Absolutely loved Batman the Animated Series, so if I was into those Happy Meals at the time, I would have made it a thing to try to get all these guys.  Being that I was in the Navy at the time and on the move every few years, collecting a bunch of throw away toys wasn't in the cards. However, since you might be interested Two Face is my favorite Batman bad guy.


I had heard recollections from my older sister calling friends to find which tiny beanie baby was being given out at which McDonald's and trekking around the Chicago land area to find the ones she didn't have. Apparently it was something worth making substantial time for her and her friends that I just didn't get into and still don't completely understand, but we all have our things. Rest in Peace, Debbie, you are missed.  


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