(Top 5) Favorite Action Figures

(Top 5) Favorite Action Figures

by Dave

Our good friend Mickey over Retro Ramblings is running with this kick ass concept about top 5 things to post about weekly and I just wanted to be a part of it. 

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Here is our fourth entry ... Top 5 Favorite Action Figures

So our good buddy, Mick over at Retro Ramblings, threw a curve ball at me when he reminded me that these had to be action figures I had. I was going to pepper in some of those I wanted but never had, but he told me to cool my jets on that as that topic in on the horizon. What I had to do was think beyond the 1980s as I was starting to get older at that time and toys, were still cool but not at the forefront of my wants. There were things like wanting a car, cool clothes, lots of money, oh yeah ... a girlfriend would have been nice. So lets kick off the list with some choices from our beloved 1970s.

We start with Pulsar (1976), I didn't remember this ones name but I definitely remember having the action figure with button in his back to make his heart pump. I have no idea the back story of this guy but I remember we were inepperable for quite a long time.

Pulsar 1976.jpeg

Next up in our quick 1970s journey is the ever popular Evel Kneivel and his famed stunt cycle. I spent many afternoon turning that little while wheel on the launcher and trying to get him to hit the makeshift cardboard ramps just right. 


Jumping now into our wonderful 1980s. I still have my Darth Vader collector case with about 25ish action figures and the one that I still find the coolest (yes, I do have Boba Fett) is the one that fits in the storage compartment, Jedi Master Yoda. How the hell did I lose his belt but not the snake?


I enjoyed GI Joe and had several action figures and I have always gravitated to the person on the team that was the technical expert but could still kick butt. Enter Mainframe, the Joe's computer expert. My favorite vehicle from this toy line was the very simple Cobra Battle Pod. 


We end the list with my favorite cartoon and toy in the 1980s. A wonderful blend of Knights, Magic, and Holograms. Visionaries were the bomb. My favorite due in part to his animal totem, being the eagle, was Arzon. "A whim, a thought and more is sought. Awake my mind, thy will be wrought."


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