Scott Compton

1. You are stuck on a deserted island by yourself for one year with electricity and a record player. You are allowed one record album for each decade (70s, 80s, and 90s) to have and listen to over and over, which albums are with you?

70s: Animals by Pink Floyd -1977
80s: Master of Puppets by Metallica- 1986
90s: Supernatural by Santana - 1999

2. If you believed in aliens, what do you want them to be most like - Close in Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), ET (1982), or Men In Black (1997)? Why?

I would like the Close Encounter type aliens. I felt like they were the most intelligent and friendly. Although ET was friendly, he was a little too cute and cuddly. The Men In Black aliens were fun but it was such a comedy that it took a little too much away from the mystery of aliens. 

3. You are given a time traveling DeLorean that will allow you to go anywhere at anytime in the world. When and where are you going? Why?

I would go back to 1986(High School Senior)to re-live my favorite year of my favorite decade. Of course it would have to be with what I know now so I could really soak everything in and probably change a few decisions along the way. Too bad about that whole butterfly effect theory though.....If I were to go back and make different decisions, I probably wouldn’t be answering these questions.....which would be kind of sad. But enough about the theory of the time space continuum.  

4. What are some of your favorite retro candies?

I love this question!! There are a few that jump out at me and I still think about wanting them occasionally. The first is “Marathon Bar”. It was very simple, just chocolate covered caramel that was a flat twisted braid. When you took a bite and pulled it away the caramel would stretch and the milk chocolate would crumble off a little. I have very distinct visual memories of that. Another would be “Gator Gum”. It was a chewing gum made by Gatorade and it was a bit sour. I can picture the packs perfectly. One of my other favorites was unusual because of how it came to be. Reginald Martinez "Reggie" Jackson (born May 18, 1946) is an American former professional baseball right fielder who played 21 seasons for the Kansas City / Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, and California Angels. Reggie had a candy bar named after him. It was similar in shape to turtle candies and was a very simple caramel and peanut mix covered with milk chocolate. Awesome candy. Honorable mentions, Spree and the original Sweet-tarts in the long roll. 

5. Describe what Banzai Retro Club is to you.

This is a tough question and yet an easy one too. It’s all great pop culture from the three decades that I truly grew up in. Born in 68, I remember many movies, tv shows and music from the 70s. Then as the 80s started I became a teenager and everyone knows how forming those years can be, and in so many different areas of life. The music you really start to love, the movies and T.V. shows that actually start to sink in and make you think.  Then in the 90s as I became more of an adult and got married and started a career. Those first few decades of your life are the beginning of your life and everything is so new and I absolutely love looking back and re-living the best years of my life. I was very media centric so all the pop culture is still very special to me and I love just talking about it all. 

6. Why do you podcast and/or blog?

It’s all about the subject matter!! I love talking to anyone about the best years of my life. They were so much fun to live through and there were so many changes in pop culture. So, when given the opportunity to talk about my favorite subjects, I just go with it and enjoy the ride. I have also always been a fan of media and wanted to be a radio DJ at one point growing up. I don’t know why I got away from that dream though. I guess life just lead me down a different path back then. But now I totally love being part of the podcast medium and hope to continue! 

7. You are still stuck on that deserted island and you know have been given a VCR and allowed to bring with you all seasons of just one TV series for each decade (70s,80s, and 90s) what shows come with you?

70s: I‘d love to say Fantasy Island just due to the island theme but I have to go with “Emergency! Squad 51”. 
80s: Miami Vice.....only because I’ve never watched one single episode and it would all be new to me but at the same time reminiscing with all the pop culture references. 
90s: This is really tough to choose- It would be a very close race between “Northern Exposure” and “The X Files”. I’m going with “The X Files”.  

8. Which celebrities and/or retro icons (that are currently living) you would love to interview?

Steve Martin, although I don’t feel as comfortable in the role of an interviewer as I do just talking about them. 

9. Back on the deserted island, you get to bring 3 books with you from any time period, what books are with you?

a. The Bible
b. The Stand by Stephen King
c. The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub 

10. You are teaching kids about each decade (70s, 80s, and 90s) and you are asked to pick one movie for each decade that defines those 10 years. What one movie best represents each of these decades?

70s: Saturday Night Fever
80s: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
90s: Wayne’s World